DecompileD 2018

Chat Bot Workshop: Let’s have some fun with chat bots!

April 6, 2018 | 14:15 | Roter Salon

A lot of companies are investing in chat bots. In this workshop, we will develop a fully functional chat bot from scratch with support for formatted messages, photos, documents, locations, buttons, custom keyboards and more. No slides, just code – and a lot of fun…

Do you understand the user interface of every website and every application? I don’t! Do you understand how to use a chat application like WhatsApp, Telegram, Threema, Signal, Facebook Messenger, etc? I do! If everyone knows how to chat, what if we provide our business services using a chat bot as a user interface? Let’s have some fun and create a chat bot live on stage as an introduction to this very interesting topic! In this workshop we will start a new empty project and write a complete and working chat bot from scratch for Telegram. Our bot will receive messages from other Telegram users, analyze them and send an appropriate answer. The messages can be formatted and contain photos, documents and locations. We will use custom and inline keyboards, callback buttons and much more. Be prepared: After this workshop you will have an own working chat bot on your notebook and there will be nothing to stop you from writing more and amazing chat bots!

To fully understand this workshop the attendees should have basic knowledge of Java.