Velotour 2019: USA from East to West

Route 66 Map

From Chicago to Los Angeles.

Crazy people have crazy ideas. Stupid people have stupid ideas. I’m not sure which statement is better for me right now.

3’100 miles or 5’000 kilometers in about 40 days with my bicycle, that’s 80 miles or 130 kilometers each day in average! Over mountains and through deserts. With a total climb of about 82’000 feet or 25’000 meter. That really sounds crazy. That’s completely stupid. Okay, here we go!

Timeframe: Starting around mid-April 2019 in Chicago, Illinois and I am expected to arrive in Santa Monica, Los Angeles, California at the end of May. From now on I have about a year to bring in my new bike, to improve my constitution and to prepare everything for the tour and my long absence at work.

Maybe it works: You will be able to track my progress and my position online…

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