About me

Marcus Fihlon


I’m working as an Agile Coach and Software Engineer for the CSS Insurance in Lucerne, Switzerland and as a Lecturer at the TEKO, a technical collage in Olten, Switzerland.


In my spare time I’m a honorary member of the board of the Java User Group Switzerland and organizing the JUG.CH events in Lucerne, Switzerland.


From time to time you can meet me at various conferences and other events around the world where I give one or more talks or I’m enjoying other peoples talks and drinking a networking beer.


In addition to my talks I write articles for magazines like Java Pro and Java aktuell and I’ll finish my first book about web development soon.


I’m also the founder and organizer of the monthly Hackergarten in Lucerne, Switzerland. We meet every first Thursday in a month to contribute to open source projects, to learn something new and to meet new people.

Open Source

Open Source Software is the fundament of todays world. With my daily commit to an open source project I like to add bricks to this fundament and make the world a better one – commit for commit, push for push. Most projects, I’m working on, are hosted at GitHub.

Social Media

If you like, you can follow me on Twitter. For business contacts I use LinkedIn, Facebook is only for my family and friends. I’m not sure how I should use my Google+ account.


I don’t use insecure messengers like WhatsApp. If you want to contact me using a messenger, please use Threema. Threema is a very secure messenger with end-to-end encryption and a very good usability, developed in Switzerland. My Threema ID is: M36HU8SN


Of course you can drop me an email. I prefer encrypted emails over public (unencrypted) ones. My email address is: marcus@fihlon.ch


With GnuPG e-mails can easily be encrypted and signed. The fingerprint of my key is:

9233 CD26 5582 3C1C 51DE 03FE C6B7 F469 EE36 3E1F

You can find my GnuPG key on all common key servers or download it directly from this website: EE363E1F